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Clark Kromer

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05/15/10 05:16 AM #1    

Wilson Valentine

KROMER Ray Clark Kromer Jr. , 54, of Richmond passed away Saturday, October 28, 2006. He was preceded in death by his mother, Mildred Ortega Kromer;

09/18/10 04:33 PM #2    

Ravee(Ray) Norris

You know, Clark Kromer and I really weren't tight. I didn't even really know him that well. But, as far as I know he was a good person. However, I do have one short amusing recollection of something that happened with me, Clark, and my brother, Wright--WAY back when I was, probably, about 8-11. I was always an obsessive reader of comics, especially Marvel. And, later, I turned into an obsessive collector of comics. Anyway, even before I started consciously collecting them, we had a bunch simply because we couldn't bring ourselves to throw them away. So, one day we were walking around the blocks where we lived and ran into Clark. He also read comics and we started talking. When Wright and I mentioned that we had a box full of them Clark right away said he'd buy them from us. The idea of comics becoming really valuable was alien to us. Therefore, Wright and I said sure, we'll sell them. Clark gave us $50 for the box full and we thought we were rich. I mean, $50 was a whole lot of money to kids our age back then. It wasn't until years later that Wright and I remembered that transaction and realized that Clark had, by far, gotten the better end of that deal. There was probably #1 through #15 or 20 of Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men---a lot of valuable and RARE comics now. Well, I hope Clark held onto them and then sold them when the time was right. 

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